Transit finds your next departure. Instantly. Free.

Why use a trip planner when you already know the way? With Transit, all nearby departures are just a tap away. Not sure which route to take? Don't worry, our easy-to-use trip planner can still show you the way! Best of all, it's free!

Everything you need to make public transit easy.

Nearby Mode

See all nearby departures, with real-time predictions where available. Download schedules and access them while offline.

Route Maps

See transit routes on a map and know where they can take you. Watch your bus or train approaching in real-time.

Trip Planner

Compare trips at a glance. Get detailed step by step instructions. Set home and work to get directions in two clicks.

“Love this so much I might sell my car.”

“This app makes me want to ride the bus!”

Supported Agencies

Transit works in 62 metropolitan areas that believe in Open Data.

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